Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Surfing on EasyHits4U Earn Bitcoin

Surfing on EasyHits4U 
Earn Bitcoin

Legit, totally free
For 30 days, you should at least earn 75 XVP = 0.003 BTC = $7.5 USD
you may withdraw through Bitcoin or PayPal

Simple Guide

1. Join Virtacoinwallet (opens new window) and make sure to use Gmail
    valid email and click email confirmation link.

2, Log in to your Virtacoinwallet, click Promotion, Copy Your Ref link
    and login to your EasyHits4U. still do not have account signup here for free

3. Login to your EasyHits4U. Click my sites, delete all your submitted sites
    (if any) click add site and submit your ref link Virtacoinwallet, wait until
    your site finish confirmed.

 4. Surf  at least 20 ads and your will earn 1XVP paid promotion link and
      1 XVP daily login reward.  The more you surf, the more Virtacoins XVP
      coin you get.  (You only earn for showing your Virtacoin page on
      EasyHits4U.  For other surfing sites you do not get paid).

5. Solve VirtaCrypto and you will earn 0.5 XVP everyday.

6. Do more activities you will earn XVP more and more.

7. After 30 days, Click Transaction, then click buy/sell XVP
    you may sell all your XVP coin

USD$ 5.00 / 50 XVP get paid by Paypal
BTC 0.002 / 50 XVP get paid by Bitcoin
Minimum sell order amount is 100 XVP

How to sell:
Go to your account at VirtaCoinWallet
put YOUR Paypal or Bitcoin address in the DESCRIPTION field
put the amount of XVP you wish to sell in the AMOUNT field
put SELLXVP in the ADDRESS field
Click on Send VirtaCoinPlus
Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to complete.
Please note: all rates are subject to change without notice

To withdraw, you need a PIN number. Ask the admin of Virtacoin about it, the email is admin@virtacoin.eu (or submit ticket), and you get all info you need. Happy earning!